Most Beautiful Types Of Cotton Saree

Updated: Sep 30

Cotton saree makes really comfortable clothing for summers. Cotton sarees have been in existence ever since sarees were known to Indian women. Their beauty and comfort is unparalleled, which is why they will never be replaced by other modern fabrics. In a hot and humid country like India, cotton sarees are ubiquitous for their light-weight, sweating absorbing properties. The most famous India sarees using cotton is the khadi. Khadi was originally a kind of home-spun cloth that is rough in texture. We have enough options of cotton sarees for every occasion. There are several types of weaving styles, embroidery, and patterns that symbolize the various Indian sarees, for every saree has its distinct attribute.

Most beautiful types of cotton saree

The Types Of Cotton Saree

1. Sambalpuri Cotton Saree 2. Tant Cotton Saree 3. Kanjeevaram Cotton Saree 4. Khadi Cotton Saree 5. Chanderi Cotton Saree 6. Dhakai Cotton Saree 7. Chikankari Cotton Saree 8. Gadwal Cotton Saree 9. Pochampally Cotton Saree 10. Kota Doria Cotton Saree

1. Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Sambalpuri is the most famous saree from Odisha. Indian women should never stop thanking Odisha state for its beautiful ikats and traditional weaving. Known for its different weaving techniques, Sambalpur sarees infuses traditional motifs like flowers, wheels, and shells in its sarees. The threads are first tie-dyed and later woven into fabric form, adding to the richness of the whole process and art. This saree has vibrant colors and the main feature of the saree is its pallu. The pallu has intricate embroidery that makes this saree very special. A traditional handwoven saree, the Sambalpuri is a delicate weave of different techniques. The threads are dyed before they are woven, making its rich color to never fade.

2. Tant Cotton Saree

Tant is a traditional saree from the land of Bengal saree that is known for its crisp texture. it's made of cotton and is the preferred daily wear outfit of many in Bengal. Typically known for its starch infused crispness, this beautiful Bengali saree are available in various designs are colors. Make a mental note to wear one of these to a summer wedding. It is comfortable and it’s classy. There are various designs available in a tent sarees. But the beauty of a tent saree is in its starched crispness. It's light, easy to wear, and the thick border and beautiful prints make it a must buy.

3. Kanjeevaram Cotton Saree

Named after the small town of Kanchipuram in Bangalore. The queen of sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees are made from a traditionally woven silk from the region of Kanjeevaram. Also, the bright color remains by far the most attractive element in this saree which is highly preferred by the South Indian women. Although the silk Kanjeevaaram sarees are more popular, there are few varieties of cotton sarees as well. The sarees are rich in color and texture. They are elegant, refined, and graceful, all in one drape. 4. Khadi Cotton Saree

Khadi sarees are very traditional, using hand-spun cotton yarn only, and woven on a handloom. The most favored and most breathable material, khadi sarees are made traditionally using handlooms and hand-spun cotton yarns. You simply cannot survive summers without adding this to your wardrobe staple. Khadi is woven in a particular way so as to allow the most passage of air through the cloth, thus making it ideal for hot Indian summers. Khadi in white and a slightly brownish color looks stylish. 5. Chanderi Cotton Saree

Traditional sari from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi is saree from the central parts of India. This saree is distinct due to its semi-transparent texture. Chanderi cottons are light and have a bright sheen on them. With the perfect blend of luster, quality, and outstanding prints, Chanderi cotton sarees have traditional coin prints, Flora art, Peacocks, and geometrics are woven into different chanderi patterns. Silk, zari, and cotton are woven together to make a fabric that is lighter than a feather, has a royal sheen, and is gorgeous looking. It's one of the best fabrics there is and it's very easy to wear. If you're a fussy saree person, then this will keep your woes away. Chanderi Sarees are also famous for its silk sarees which are counted amongst the finest sarees India has ever made. 6. Dhakai Cotton Saree

Dhakai sarees are originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But the amazing embroidery is now very widely replicated in Kolkata as well. With time it was widely worn in the east, especially Bengal. There are the normal Dhakai sarees with plain thread work and then there are those with golden thread work unknown as the Zamdani Dhakai sarees. You have the normal Dhakai sarees that have plain thread work and the Zamdani Dhakai sarees that have golden thread work.

7. Chikankari Cotton Saree

If you ever set foot on the soil of Lucknow, you'll know that Chikankari is something that is exclusive to this town. Like the name suggests, Chikankari is all about embroidery, chikan means embroidery. It was initiated as a white on white embroidery work but with time it is now done in varied colors. This artfully done embroidery work is delicate and the pure definition of beauty and is exclusively available in Lucknow. Traditionally done on a muslin cloth, it is now available on almost all kinds of fabrics. Make sure to get your hands on this one!

8. Gadwal Cotton Saree

Gadwal sarees are from West India and traditionally come in earthy browns, off-whites, or grays, though they are now made in many brighter shades to satisfy an expanded market. Originally from the Western part of India, Gadwal sarees come in earth light subtle and earth colors. Now, in order to meet the changing market, they are now made in vibrant colors as well. Gold and copper shades of zari work are used on Gadwal sarees. Zari work (metal thread embroidery) is typically used in muted gold and copper shades on Gadwal sarees, according to India Selections.

9. Pochampally Cotton Saree

From the town of Boodhan in Andhra Pradesh, hails the famous Pochampally silk. Famous for geometric patterns in ikat style of dyeing, pocylehampally sarees are made of fine cotton. And sometimes you will also find the cotton blended with silk. Pick this 9 yard of absolute beauty for any occasion. These sarees have intricate motifs, geometric ikat designs and are made of the perfect combination of silk and cotton. These sarees are just too royal and to die for. 10. Kota Doria Cotton Saree

Kota Doria sarees are woven in Rajasthan, made of cotton, and have square-like patterns known as khats. These cotton sarees are very lightweight, bordering on transparent, and utilize a multi-gauge yarn to create a checkered look in the weave of the cloth. The khats or the square check pattern on the fabric of Kota saree is methodically woven in traditional pit loom in order to process the desired outcome. These delicate khats are the marks of a Kota Doria saree. The original Kota Doria sarees made around Kota city are highly prized and expensive.

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