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How to Wear a Saree Or How To Drape a Saree ? the saree wear in 100 style or drape in 100 style. There are Marathi Style, Gujarati Stlye, Mumtaaz Style, How to Drape Saree To look Slim, Style Of Party, Athpourey from Bengal, Nauvari saree from Maharashtra, Nivi drape from Andhra Pradesh, Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh, Mekhela chador from Assam, Surguja from Chhattisgarh, Seedha pallu from Gujarat, UP, and Odisha, Pinkosu from Madurai, Bootheyara from Karnataka, Coorgi style from Karnataka, Halakki Vokkaliga from Karnataka, Gol sari or Parsi drape, Kunbi drape from Goa, Dhangad from Goa, Madisaru from Tamil Nadu, Namboothiri from Kerala, Mohiniattam from Kerala, Santhal drape from Jharkhand, Innaphi and Phanek from Manipur, Purnia from Bihar, Rajasthani style, Belted saree draping, One pallu open drape, Pant style saree, Retro Style Saree Draping, Neck Drape Saree Draping, Jacket over Saree Draping, Mermaid Style Saree Draping, Inverted Border Drape Style Saree, Oriya Style Saree Draping, Lehenga Style Saree Draping, Rajrani Style Saree Draping, Butterfly Style Saree Draping, Indo-Western Style Saree Draping, Skirt Style Saree Draping, Short Patli Style Saree Draping, Half Float and Half Tucked Style Saree Draping, Tee or Tunic Style Saree Draping, Floating Style Drape, Dhoti Style Saree/ Drape.

A saree is a traditional Indian costume worn by women and girls. You have probably seen one if you have ever watched a Bollywood movie. The saree is a long cloth, from four to nine yards in length, that is draped on the body in various styles. My instructable shows and explains the process of draping the saree in the South Indian style and will help you to learn the basic steps of easy saree tying. There more than 100 style of drape. but we discuss here some of them.

-: Different Type Of Saree Draping :-

  • Requirements to drape a saree:

  1. A saree blouse

  2. A long petticoat or an inner skirt

  3. The saree

  4. Beautiful shoes

  5. Bangles

  6. Bracelet

  7. Earrings/Jhumkis

  8. Decorative hair accessories

  9. Bobby pins

  10. Safety pins

  11. Stick-on decorative bindis

  • How to drape Marathi Style Saree

  1. Make around one meter fabric in your hand and loop it around your back, while the rest of the length lies on your right.  The bordered edges of the fabric are to be tied securely at the waist.

  2. Gather your pallu and bring it over to the front from the back, and fix it over the left side of your shoulder, like for any normal saree style. In the next step, we’ll take care of the loose length that needs to be out of the way.

  3. Start pleating with the loose fabric! Make 4-inch pleats. Settle in on around 8 to 9 pleats. Tuck these in at the navel.

  4. Thee pleats now need to be taken from between the legs to be tucked in at the back.  There’ll be a double borderline at the back.

  5. The last step is to drape the pallu elegantly. Take it from the back to cover the shoulder and then it has to be strategically tucked in at the waist on the left side.

  • How to drape Gujarati Style Saree

1. Wrap the length of the saree around your waist. This should go from right to left. Drape some of the fabric in the front (and tuck it into the waist) before wrapping it around your waist again.

  • This style of draping is most popular in western India.

  • One popular fabric for sarees in Gujarat is the gharchola, which is a cotton and silk blend that boasts a grid pattern. Inside each square of the grid, there's a hand-embroidered design.#*To create the illusion of an hourglass figure, wrap the saree around the narrowest part of your waist, which may be a little higher than your natural waist.

2. Tuck 7 to 8 pleats into the waistband. The folds (the creased, closed ends) should be facing towards the right. If you're having trouble keeping the pleats from falling out, pin them together before tucking into the saree.

3. Pull the pallu from back to front over the right shoulder. This is what makes the Gujarati style different - it goes counter-clockwise. Let the pallu hang down your right side.

  • The pallu is the side that is heavily embroidered, decorated, or of a different color.

4. Pin pleats across your chest to the left side of your waist. Place the pins in the back out of sight as needed to keep the pallu in place.

5. Pull the pleats to the right for the Rajrani variation. This is a traditional style that was popular among royals. You’ll also want to adjust the pallu so it falls in a slight ‘V’ shape in the front.

6. Drape a gold kamarbandh around your waist per the Gujarati tradition. Also known as a saree belt or a belly chain, the kamarbandh goes on your waist, around the saree. Choosing a gold one will complement the gold in the saree's border.

  • Saree belts come in a range of styles like double strands, dangling chains, and pendants.

how to wear gujarati saree

  • How to drape Mumtaaz  style saree

  1. Complete the 1st and 2nd step of the basic draping saree, till where tuck in the centre of the petticoat before tacking pleats.

  2. Now take 2 pleats of 5-6 inches and tuck them in facing the left hand side.

  3. Picking up the longer edge of the saree from the centre pleat wrap around the left side to back until brought forward at right side waist.

  4. Tuck it 5-6 inches above the normal toe length of the saree. And same until brought on wraparound in same till right side again

  5. Again tuck in above the level of another 5-6 inches and continue in the level and wrap around the waist of right side.

  6. Now make pleats of the width section, in 5-6inch and then taking it under the right armhole bring it across the front to left shoulder and throw it falling backwards.

  7. Arrange the front bodice drape to become more narrow then the usual drape and pin in position at the shoulder.

  • How to Drape saree to look slim

  1. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to choose the right fabric. Do not go for fabrics that are difficult to manage.

  2. Tuck the saree neatly and properly at the waist so that it doesn't add up any volume at that part.

  3. Do not go for too many pleats. Remember that you need to to know how to wear saree neatly to look slim! Pleats sure do look good, but it also adds up a lot of unwanted volume to your look.

  4. To achieve a slim and a tall look, drape your saree tightly all over. Moreover, keep the palla of your saree open and let it fall. When you let the palla fall from your shoulders, it hides all the unnecessary bulges and gives an elegant appearance.

  5. You can also go for an all-black look, which never goes out of style. Other ways to understand how to drape a saree to look slim and tall  are putting the pallu on the front, the mermaid styled saree or the double layered pallu.

  • How to Drape Saree For Party

  1. For parties, you could emerge out of the ‘safe zone’! Your saree can embolden the diva in you. This is actually effective when you’re figuring how to wear saree in different styles for party.

  2. Try the beautiful mermaid saree style. Try a saree fabric that shimmers but is subtle and not loud in terms of colors. Probably you could try net fabric for a translucent effect. Her is where it will help for you to know how to wear a net saree to look slim.  

  3. You could try an off shoulder padded blouse, drape your diaphanous saree across your shoulder and you’ll love the combination.

  4. If it is an evening event, try smoky eyes! The smoldering look of your eyes could match the boldness of your saree, and it’ll surely be a hit!

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