How to do makeup during monsoon? 9 monsoon makeup tips

Just as your wardrobe changes during the rainy season, so does your makeup look. It is not decided when it will rain at ant time during the rainy season. Looks bad if the makeup is not done properly at such times. There are few things to keep in mind when applying makeup if you want to look beautiful in the rainy season.

monsoon makeup tips

  1. Always do light and natural makeup during the rainy season.

  2. You can use bait colored waterproof lipstick for a stylish look.

  3. You can also apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

  4. You can experiment with colors.

  5. Excessive foundation or blush should not be used.

  6. Gently rub ice on face before applying makeup.

  7. This will make the makeup last longer and not spread in the rain.

  8. If you have skin blemishes or combinations, use a trainer after applying ice.

  9. If your skin is oily - then after applying ice, take special care of such things in astringent

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